The Guardian Crossword


The Guardian Crossword Puzzle is a popular crossword puzzle in the UK and is published daily in the Guardian newspaper. The crossword puzzles are also available online at the website of The Guardian and on its mobile apps. The puzzles can also be printed from the website of The Guardian if you are only interested in the Crossword Puzzle and not the whole newspaper.

The Guardian Crossword Puzzle is printed in the paper on each day of the week and also on Sundays. The Guardian Crossword puzzles come in different variants, some of which are easy, some are moderate while others being hard. The size of the crossword puzzles also differ from each other and come in different sizes which measure 12 x 12 squares,  13 x 13 squares, and 15 x 15 squares.

Crossword is a popular word puzzle game that is played in almost every country. The game consists of a rectangular or square grid (mostly square) in different sizes. The grid consists of white and black (colored) boxes. The objective of the game is to fill in all the blank square with different letters to form words or phrases according to the given hints and complete the whole grid. The colored boxes are limited to only a specific percentage of the grid that may vary in different areas.

Every letter in the grid is usually a part of both an across and a down word. The minimum number of letters that a word can have is three meaning you won’t find any word that contains less than three letters. Crossword Puzzles are differentiated on their difficulty level. Some crossword puzzles are very easy to solve, while others require you to have good knowledge and practice to solve them. A hint-key is also provided with the puzzle with the help of which you can guess and complete the crossword.