USA Today Crossword


The USA Today Crossword Puzzles are one of the most popular crossword puzzles available across the US due to the fact that the USA Today newspaper has the highest circulation than other any other newspaper in the country.

The USA Today Crossword Puzzle is published in the newspaper (Monday to Friday) and is also available online (Monday to Saturday) on the official website of USA Today.

Crossword is one of the most popular word puzzle games that are played across the globe. The puzzle consists of a square or a rectangular grid consisting of black and white boxes.

The goal of the puzzle is to fill in all the white squares with letters in order to form words or phrases and complete the grid. The black or shaded squares are there to separate the words or phrases from each other.

Every letter in the crossword puzzle is usually a part of both an across and a down word. The minimum number of letters that an answer can have is three. Usually, the black/shaded boxes are limited to about one-sixth of the total puzzle, however, in some areas, the percentage may be higher.